As UAE is embarking on huge development, technology and construction expansion programmers attributed to 2020 ‘ own vision plans for growth. This requires bringing to the country new sources and resources to support and satisfy the UAE market demand and the requirement for competent leading Consultants, IT , Smart City , Financial and Artificial intelligence to fulfill UAE and GCC future ambitions.All this inspired form his vision of creating a “bridge” that will bring to UAE the required leading experienced regional/international sources and resources.

For this purpose, ” AJ Technology ” established to serve as the bridge that will connect UAE to the world’s best sources and resources and bring to UAE the latest “know how” and technology that the country requires to fulfill the vision and to drive this program of growth. Currently, AJ Technology include in its portfolio several entities from around the globe notably the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany and Singapore, which together are ready to contribute and add value in addition to fulfilling their own objectives of expanding and growing a profitable business in the region.